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As a shipbroker we have established long term relationships with buyers and sellers. We sold various types of vessels and floating objects on a Worldwide basis. Join our network and you will experience our 35 years in business. Our service does not stop after the deal is closed.

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is a company of the
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Permanent representative of shipyards in Europe. Sparring-partner for all your new building projects. We delivered various new buildings of different type of vessels, ranging from pontoons, fishing vessels till river-seagoing tankers.

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We manage our own fleet from our main office in the Port of Rotterdam – Netherlands. Specialized in bulk storage and transport of bulk goods with capacities ranging from 500 to 10,000 tons with total capacity of 100,000 tons

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Kamar Oil is a young and dynamic company focussing on the purchase and sale, storage and distribution of oil products. Serving resellers and end users in all major ports with marine fuels and lubricants.

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Transportation on inland river waterways in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and the countries along the Danube. For all kinds of cargo and project transportation.